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April-August Season clinics for Middle and High School Teams.

Dear Parents,

As we had an issue with the gym for the Club season Nov  2018-March 2019,we are very sad to inform you that we are NOT taking a team to play the AAU Nationals in Orlando,Florida this Summer 2019. We will rather have clinics for the players to train for their Middle and High School TRYOUTS in August.

Those players who have been trained by me in previous seasons will pay $25.00 for a two-hour practice,plus thirty minutes of Conditioning at Apex Comm Center.

Please! Contact me to have your daughter registered as we may have many players,and we are limited to 12 at a time.

tel:919-255-0574 and


Room for Strength and Conditioning

We can have a room for strength & conditioning for thirty minutes each time we practice at Apex Comm Center.

Spare Old Computer

Hi, Everyone!

I wonder if anyone out there has a computer that is not using any more and is willing to donate it for a girl who needs it in Cuba.She needs it for school works.

Each time I visit Cuba,this girl is asking me for a computer to be donated for her.She belongs to a low-income family.



Juan Carlos Otano

Head Coach

Phone: 919-255-0574

Note to Parents.

Dear Parents,

We know that you strongly desire the best for your child.  You are willing to support her financially to be a stronger and better athlete.  We appreciate that you are  giving us this opportunity to teach your child and we are blessed to do so.  We have passionate coaches who strive to improve their methodology to make this training effective.  I encourage you to trust us and let us teach,as we are committed to making a difference in your child.  We are not a huge volleyball club, but we teach ALL the players equally.  All of the players are important to us.  We want them to be successful and to have a valuable experience.  In a few words, let us make a difference in your child!


Coaching Staff

Apex Performance Volleyball Club

Can you help pay a volleyball player's Club Fee?

Go Fund Me - Helps a local athlete to participate in our Volleyball Club and provides funds for Apex Performance Volleyball Club new facility.