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Carla Sari

Coach Carla

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Order your Uniform

By Juan Carlos Otano 12/05/2018, 9:30pm EST

Apex Performance Volleyball Club is stocking our Team Webstore with players jerseys, spandex, practice T-shirts, Warm ups and Spirit Wear for players and family members.

Send Elaine Llorin your preferred jersey # (1st choice, 2nd choice and 3rd choice) and we will stock the webstore with custom jerseys for each player.  

Once you have sent your coach your preferences for jersey #, you will receive an email from Lacrosse.Com our uniform vendor giving you instructions for ordering uniform and spirit wear.  You will visit the webstore, order your daughter's uniform pieces and optional additional pieces, pay the vendor with your credit card and the order will be shipped directly to your house.

The required pieces for each player:

  • 1 long-sleeved Royal Blue Jersey
  • 1 short-sleeved White Jersey
  • 1 Practice T Shirt 


Optional pieces available to purchase:

  • additional practice Tshirts
  • backpack
  • warm up jacket/pants
  • black spandex

Practice Format and Rules

  • Arrive 15 minutes before scheduled practice
  • Be prepared with Knee Pads and Water Bottles
  • Warm up on court before touching a volleyball
  • No Gum Chewing on Court during practice or tournaments
  • Practice is for hard work - This is your Classroom
  • Follow Coach's instructions at all times 
  • Your attitude at practice will determine how far you go and improve this season
  • This is competitive volleyball; Work to earn your playing time and your position
  • Unless you are injured, you are expected to fully participate in all drills and strength and conditioning
  • Stretching is required at the end of every practice
  • Strength and Conditioning is required at every practice
  • Encourage your teammates and stay positive

Tournament Format and Guidelines

Tournaments – Carolina Region Tournaments

  • Players are expected to attend every tournament
  • Players are expected to arrive on time
  • If you cannot attend a tournament, you must notify your coach in advance
  • If you are sick or injured, notify your Coach as soon as possible
  • Plan to stay at the tournament until the Coach dismisses the whole team. 
  • The entire team must stay together until the entire team is dismissed for the day.  
  • No Gum Chewing on Court
  • Players may not ask Coach to put them on the court to play.  The Coach will decide when each player plays.  Be ready to play!  
  • When you are watching, please cheer and encourage your teammates.  This is your job!
  • Be on time for every match!
  • When your team is reffing a game, you may not leave the facility even if you are not reffing
  • When you are reffing. Stay focused.  Give the teams on court your full attention.
  • Volleyball is a Team Sport.  How can you help the TEAM?

8:00 am Doors Open, Players may warm up on court

9:00 am Match 1

9:45 am Match 2 begins immediately after Match 1 concludes

10:45 am Match 3 begins immediately after Match 2 concludes

Lunch Break - 30 minutes all teams immediately after Match 3 concludes (Stay with your team during lunch break)

Match 4 begins immediately after lunch break

Match 5 begins immediately after Match 4

Match 6 begins immediately after Match 5

Semi Finals (1st and 2nd Place from Pool 1 and Pool 2)

Finals (1st and 2nd Place from Semi Finals). Gold or Silver Medals


Players and coaches are required to arrive at 8:00 am.  If you are late, you may not play.  Check in with your coach as soon as you arrive and follow his/her instructions for warming up.  Your coach will inform you of your play, work, rest schedule for the day.  

Players must stay with team at all times during tournament.  Each team will play at least 3 matches in pool play, Referee one match and have an hour scheduled rest during the day in addition to the Lunch Break.  

If the team makes it to semi-finals, you will play for silver or gold and may stay until 5:00 pm or later.  Players may not leave the facility during your break.  At the end of each match stay on the court with your coach until coach dismisses you either to Break or Referee assignment. 

The Coach will decide which players will work in which roles during Work Assignment.  

Never leave a tournament without checking with coach to make sure you do not have another match to Referee.  We will be penalized if we walk out without Refereeing as scheduled.   If you must miss a tournament due to illness or unexpected family emergency, please call your coach directly as soon as possible.